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Chemical Filtration

Filter housings for chemical industries are used to contain and protect filter elements in a variety of liquid and gas filtration applications. 

They are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, chemical concentrations, and flow rates. Filter housings are used in a variety of settings including food and beverage processing, chemical manufacturing, water treatment, and industrial process filtration. The housings are designed to provide a secure, leak-proof connection between the filter elements and piping systems, while also providing easy access for filter element replacement.

Role of Filter housings for chemical industries

Recovery of precious metals and catalysts; removal of scale in water pipes; filtration of acid, lye, and solvents; filtration of emulsions and dispersions; filtration of colloids in resins; removal of activated carbon after decolorization and adsorption of toxic substances; production of titanium dioxide; production of PVC; Filtration of flue gas desulfurization liquid; filtration of various plastics, fuels and lubricating oil additives.

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