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      Self-Cleaning Filter System

A self-cleaning filter is a filter system that uses a filter screen to directly intercept impurities in water, remove suspended solids and particulate matter, reduce turbidity, and purify the water quality.

Self Cleaning Filters assure continuous flow, trouble-free operation, and simplified maintenance.

Working Principles Of Self-Cleaning Filtration Systems

The water enters the filter from the water inlet, passing first through the coarse filter element assembly to filter out larger particles of impurities, and then reaching the fine filter screen, after which it filters out fine particles of impurities. The clean water is then discharged from the water outlet.

Benefits Of Self-Cleaning Filtration Systems

1. Reduced maintenance costs - Self-cleaning filter housing reduces maintenance costs because there is no need for manual filter cleaning.

2. Enhanced Efficiency - Filters out more particles without frequent cleaning.

3. Reduced downtime – Self-cleaning filters are able to function continuously without manual intervention.

Provide various types of self-cleaning filters

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