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Industry Water Filtration Solution

The quality of the water in your industrial facility can be essential to making sure that your facility is able to operate efficiently. To be certain that the water you use is always free from impurities, it’s highly recommended that you install an industrial water filtration system in the facility. Water filtration systems are designed to quickly and effectively remove the majority of contaminants that can be found in water, which allows the water to be purified.

The reason that filtration is essential for many different types of industries is that fouling issues and corrosion can occur when contaminants increase in the water, which can lead to your equipment becoming less efficient. The filter systems are essential for a wide range of industries, which include such industries as water treatment, plastics, oil/gas production, medical, chemical production, and paper manufacturing.

The benefits of filtration for industrial applications are numerous and include:

  1. Not being exposed to as many hazardous chemicals

  2. Reduced costs for equipment maintenance

  3. Reduced costs for effluent

  4. Lengthier equipment life

While all industrial filtration systems are designed to get rid of the majority of contaminants that exist in water, there are a variety of different types of industrial filtration systems that you can select from. 

These systems include:

1. Pipe/basket strainers – These are closed water filtration systems that collect contaminants with the use of a mesh screen or perforated-plate screen that can be removed. When the screen has become full, it will need to be cleaned before reusing it.

2. Automatic self-cleaning filter strainers – This is a self-cleaning system that traps debris until the pressure has increased in the system, after which a flush valve will be opened to remove the contaminants. These filters are ideal because they are versatile and are able to provide you with a continuous flow.

3. Bag filter – These are simple industrial filters that work just like coffee filters and are able to trap any particles and solids in the water that passes through the filter. Bag filters are recommended for applications with relatively fast flow rates.

4. Media filters – These filters are comprised of several different layers of materials through which water passes. Along the way, any large contaminants will be trapped, which means that the end result of the process will be contaminant-free water.

5. Coolant filtration systems – These systems are designed specifically to get rid of any solids in a coolant solution, which allows for lower coolant costs and better production rates. A coolant filtration system operates quickly and comes with very little maintenance.

When you're thinking about purchasing an industrial water filtration system for your facility, you need to make an informed purchase decision. 

There is no one system that ranks higher than another. Dependent on both the quality of the water you have and the quality of water you want to achieve, a combination of systems are put in place.

One water filtration does not fit all, they are tailored to your own water issue.

You can buy filter strainers at many different online stores or numerous brick-and-mortar suppliers that offer water filtration systems.

 Each type of system comes with its own installation requirements, which can be difficult to understand if you’ve never used one of these systems before, so recommended that you choose a supplier that will provide installation services. 

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