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Choosing Single vs Multi Bag Filter Housings

Released on Feb. 24, 2023

Bag filter housings -- Excellent filtration performance for industrial water, coolants, and various liquids

YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. provides filter housings and solutions for industrial filtration. Like: self-cleaning filter housings, bag filter housings, cartridge filter housings, and so on.

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Whether you need to filter municipal water, industrial wastewater, various types of viscous liquids, or specific water filtration for certain industries, YUBO offers bag filters with advanced filtration technology in multiple sizes and flow rates.

Multi Bag Filter Housings

One question is, how do we choose a single-bag filter or multi-bag filter housings?


Single-bag filters are ideal for small applications requiring low flow rates and solids collection. Compared to multi-bag filters, single-bag filters are very economical and simpler.

Conversely, multi-bag filters are required for higher flow rates and solids loading applications. Since this filter consists of multiple bags, it can accommodate a larger dirt capacity.

Choosing Single vs Multi Bag Filter Housings

YUBO offers various bag filter housings for your particular application.