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Industrial Water Filter Automatic Backwash Manufacturer

Released on Jun. 13, 2024

YUBO Filtration is a professional self-cleaning automatic backwash filter manufacturer. Our automatic backwash filters are the best solution for industrial water treatment. 

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Industrial water filters are designed to remove impurities such as sediment, chemicals, and microorganisms, ensuring that water meets the stringent quality standards for industrial use.

The automatic backwash filters are suitable for coarse and fine filtration (filtering particles as small as 1 micron), for a wide range of flow rates and filtration degrees, and high and low pressures.

Industrial Water Filter Automatic Backwash Manufacturer

Our automatic backwash water filter has various industrial applications:

▪ Water treatment systems

▪ Cooling water filtration

▪ Agricultural irrigation

▪ Desalination

Advantages of Automatic Backwash Systems

Traditional water filters require regular manual cleaning or replacement. Automatic backwash systems, however, offer a self-cleaning solution that minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance costs. Here is how they work:

▪ Filtration Phase: Water flows through the filter media, trapping contaminants.

▪ Detection: The system monitors pressure differential across the filter media.

▪ Backwash Trigger: Once a set pressure differential is reached, indicating clogging, the system initiates a backwash cycle.

Backwash Cycle: Reverse water flow flushes out contaminants from the filter media, which are then expelled through a drain.

Resumption: The system returns to normal filtration, ensuring continuous operation.

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Benefits of Industrial Water Filter Automatic Backwash

Efficiency: Automatic backwash systems ensure the filter always operates at peak efficiency. By regularly cleaning the filter media, these systems prevent clogging and maintain optimal flow rates.

Cost Savings: Reduced need for manual cleaning translates to lower labor costs and less downtime, benefiting industries operating 24/7.

Sustainability: Efficient water filtration reduces the amount of waste produced and minimizes the environmental impact. 

We offer custom design services and reliable technical support as a professional industrial water filter automatic backwash manufacturer.

Experience and Expertise: More than ten years of filtration experience.

Customization: Customized automatic filters meet the specific requirements of various industrial processes.

Technical Support: Provides full lifecycle support from installation to ongoing maintenance.