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  • PP Melt Blown Filter Element
  • PP Melt Blown Filter Element
  • PP Melt Blown Filter Element
  • PP Melt Blown Filter Element
  • PP Melt Blown Filter Element
  • PP Melt Blown Filter Element

    PP melt-blown filter element is a tubular filter element made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles through heating, melting, spinning, traction, and forming. 

    Products Details

    PP melt-blown filter element is a tubular filter element made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles through heating, melting, spinning, traction, and forming. If the raw material is mainly polypropylene, it can be called PP melt blown filter element. It is not only used in large quantities for water purification. It also has outstanding chemical compatibility and is suitable for the filtration of strong acids, strong alkalis and organic solvents. Strong dirt holding capacity, long service life and low cost.

    Filtration accuracy: 1micron、3micron、5micron、10micron、20micron、30micron、60micron.

    The filtration efficiency and accuracy of the PP melt blown filter element, the uniform pore density of the filter element, and the filtration efficiency of more than 99%.

    PP meltblown filter element has low filtration resistance, large filter flow, large dirt holding capacity and long service life. The fiber diameter and gap can be adjusted during the production process. The inner layer of the filter element has small micropores and the outer layer is large, which increases the flow and holding capacity. , The filter element is not easy to be blocked, and the service life is prolonged. It has high cleanliness, no pollution to water, acid and alkali resistance, organic solvents, and corrosion. High strength, the filter element will not deform when the water pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter exceeds 0.4Mpa , and the filtration efficiency will not decrease when the temperature exceeds 90°C. This product has extremely high hydrophilicity after treatment and modification of polypropylene, and can absorb ten times the weight of water, so it can be used for oil-water separation.

    Manufacturing process

    The structure of PP meltblown filter element is a structure with thick outer fiber, thin inner fiber, loose outer layer and tight inner layer. The unique gradient deep filtration has formed a three-dimensional filter residue effect, which has the characteristics of high porosity, high rejection, large dirt holding capacity, large flow, and low pressure drop.

    In theory, all thermoplastic (high temperature melting, low temperature solidification) polymer chip raw materials can be used in the production process of melt blown filter elements. Polypropylene is one of the most widely used chip materials for melt-blown technology. In addition, the commonly used polymer chip materials for melt-blown technology include polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, polystyrene, PBT, EMA , EVA, etc. Olefin polymer raw materials (such as polypropylene) have a high degree of polymerization, so the heating temperature is higher than its melting point 100 ℃ or higher can be melt blown smoothly, while the polyester heating temperature is slightly higher than its melting point can be melt blown. Olefin raw materials generally do not need to be dried.

    The structural feature of PP meltblown filter element is that the fiber fineness is relatively small, usually less than 10 microns, and most of the fiber fineness is between 1 and 4 microns.

    1. The filter element is selected according to the accuracy of the filtered liquid and the impurities contained in it. The viscous liquid can be filtered through two stages, pre-coarse filtration, to reduce resistance and prolong the service life of the filter element (generally 3-4 times).

    2. Install the filter element correctly. If you find that the filtered water is polluted, you should carefully check whether the filter element is skewed, and whether the two ends are strictly aligned and compressed.

    3. When the pressure difference reaches 0.2MPa, the filter element should be cleaned or replaced.

    Application fields of PP melt blown filter element:

    Pharmaceutical industry: pre-filtration of various injections, medicinal solutions and injection bottle washing water, pre-filtration of large infusions and various antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine injections.

    Food industry: filtration of alcohol, beverages, and drinking water.

    Electronics industry: pre-filtration of pure water and ultra-pure water.

    Petroleum and chemical industry: filtration of various organic solvents, acids, lye, and oilfield water injection filtration.

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