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Filter Cartridge/Filter Element

Manufacturer, Supplier, And Exporter

YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. can custom design various types and sizes of filter cartridges&elements for filter housings and industrial filtration.

There are many types of YUBO filter cartridges including wedge wire filter elements, stainless steel filter cartridges, PP melt-blown filter elements, wire wounds, etc.

The choice of material will depend on factors such as the size and type of particles to be filtered, the flow rate of the fluid or gas, and the desired level of filtration efficiency.

Application of Filter Cartridges

  • Water filtration

  • Air purification

  • Industrial processes: Filter cartridges are used in various industrial processes to remove impurities from liquids and gases.

  • Automotive industry: Filter cartridges are used in automotive engines to remove impurities from the oil and fuel.

  • Food and beverage industry: Remove impurities and contaminants from liquids such as water, juices, and beer.

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